1960 Ford COE Ladder Truck

This is a 1960 Ford COE Ladder Truck originally from Tisbury Martha’s Vineyard is a new project for me personally. This truck is being converted from a ladder truck to an antique fire truck hauler. It has already had the carburetor rebuilt, fluids changed and a new door for the drivers side is on the way.

1920 American La France Pumper

Below is my personal truck, a 1920 American La France Pumper. This truck is originally from Mount Vernon NY and had begun the long road to recovery from being bottled up in an old barn in Saranac Lake NY for almost 50 years. Repairs have been relegated to the engine with re-honing, repairs and re-assembly the truck now runs very well. The clutch and brakes even worked after all those years. More restoration will continue with pictures and updates to follow.

1943 Seagrave Sedan Cab Pumper

Below is the 1943 Seagrave Sedan Cab Pumper from Lima Ohio. This truck was brought in for rebuilding of it’s V-12 engine and mechanical repairs to the brakes, tires, cooling system rebuild, fuel system rebuild and more. Other items going forward are a cosmetic polishing and general service and assembly of the remainder of the truck.

1942 GMC Pumper

Below is the 1942 GMC Pumper for Saranac Lake NY. This truck is in for complete brake overhaul, battery and electrical repairs and general service. This was the last GMC truck off the assembly line before war production started in January of 1942.

1953 Maxim Quad

We recently detailed this for a customer and completed mechanical repairs. Repairs included standard maintenance, brake work and repair of the charging system.

1929 Buffalo Triple Combination Pumper

This is having a new engine installed and many electrical and cosmetic upgrades being done in the engine compartment and dashboard areas.

Hebron’s 1937 Ford

We are restoring/repairing the following: gas gauge, wiring harness, engine lifter noise, fuel leak, setting up the fire pump to pump water, chrome work and many other small details that need finish work.

1930 Buffalo: Front and Rear Axle and Suspension Restoration

1927 Seagrave Suburbanite Triple Combination Pumper

This is a current full frame off restoration for the Woodbury Fire Department.

1931 Seagrave Triple Combination Pumper

This is in for service currently in my shop from the town of Old Greenwich, CT.

1952 Mack A Model Fire Truck

This was a full cosmetic restoration of a fire truck for Edgartown FD on Martha’s Vineyard completed in May of 2014.

1930 Buffalo

This is a transmission rebuild for a 1930 Buffalo.
1930 buffalo tranny bruce lemire

1947 Studebaker

My 1947 Studebaker that was completed in September of 2013.   This is my personal vehicle and it is driven regularly.  Several of the pictures shown are from the Concourse d’elegance in Saratoga Springs in 2013.